You’re Right, Even When You’re Wrong

Have you ever been on the way to work and you’re thinking “I just know that traffic is going to be a problem today.” And you’re right. There seems to be a lot of people on the road and the guy in front of you is going slow and every other driver out there is driving you crazy no matter what they’re doing? What you don’t notice is that all of those things added up getting to the office maybe 5 minutes later than usual. Not much, is it? But why did it seem like traffic was so bad, then? Because you thought it would be. Your brain will look for and notice things that already coincide with what you believe and dismiss things that contradict your beliefs. In short, you’re right, even when you’re wrong. The same goes for when you’re on a sales call. If you go in to a sales call believing that price is going to be an issue, then price is going to be an issue. If you believe that your prospect is going to be a problem, then your prospect is going to be a problem. Don’t let your limiting beliefs dictate what you see.

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the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs.

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