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The Downside of Happiness

August 17, 2023
The Downside of Happiness

It has been proven that your thoughts control your emotions, your emotions control your actions, your actions control your results, and your results control your thoughts. It’s a cycle that only shows success if your thoughts are aligned with the better version of yourself you want to become.

But there’s a big hiccup in this simple and proven formula, and it can sneak up on you if you’re not careful – complacency. It’s like staying in your comfort zone becomes a roadblock that stops you from moving towards our goals. I can think of at least 10 ways that this comfy mindset can stop us from reaching our goals and how we can deal with it:

  1. Getting Stuck in One Place

    When we get too used to things as they are, it’s like we’re stuck in glue. We lose the motivation to take steps toward our new goals, and that keeps us from getting anywhere (other than right where we are). Distractions and time management can play a huge role here.

  2. Missing Chances

    Think of opportunities like presents on your doorstep. But if you’re just chilling on the couch, you won’t even notice the presents, let alone open them. If you’re not proactively on the lookout, they will blend in with the background and someone else will snatch them up. Being cozy makes you miss out on chances that could make your life better.

  3. Not Learning Anything New

    Remember how you learned to ride a bike or fix that leaky faucet? Learning new stuff keeps us sharp and ready for anything. But being too comfy makes us say, “Nah, I’m good,” and we miss out on growth opportunities. You will find yourself falling down on the sales leaderboard, especially towards the end of the month if you’ve already reached your personal goal. Why not keep working hard and set higher goals? If your company does not reward going above sales goals, find out why not.

  4. Falling Behind

    How do you picture the finish line? If you’re too relaxed to even join the race, you’ll end up way behind the others who are hustling to get ahead. Do you refresh your goals every month? Every year? You CAN move the finish line in either direction. You can plan to retire early by busting your hump now. You can plan to provide a better life for your family by refocusing on the current goal. It’s up to you.

  5. No Room for Creativity

    Creativity is like having a secret superpower. But when we’re not on the lookout for updated success, it’s like we lock that superpower away. We stop thinking up new ideas and finding cool ways to solve problems. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but it doesn’t hurt to explore if your current techniques are outdated or need improvement. Expert training is available, and others have already done the heavy lifting of implementing proven methods.

  6. Getting Knocked Down Easier

    Life’s like a boxing match sometimes – it throws punches you don’t expect. When you’re too comfy and not looking out for them, those punches hurt more, and you’re not ready to get back up and keep fighting. You need to keep your body and mind focused. Ask anyone over 40 and they will tell you how the body and mind will age faster if you don’t keep them in good working order. Be ready for adversity and have a plan in case you get knocked down by anything.

  7. Not Reaching Your Full Potential

    Imagine driving a fast sports car, but for some reason you keep driving in first gear. That’s what happens when we are too pleased with our progress – we never really find out how much we’re capable of. If you’re not constantly training to master your skill set, and practicing with methods like role-playing, then you’ll never know what’s beyond. First gear is the opposite of first place, because your engine will burn out and everyone will pass you.

  8. Slacking Off

    Think of reaching your goals like lifting weights. If you stop lifting, your muscles get weak. When we believe we have enough, we stop putting in the effort. What are you doing with your spare time? I don’t mean work time and family time, I mean your leftover time. Are you spending it wisely? Have you gone fishing 5 weekends this year when you could have used 1 or 2 of them to sharpen your ax/skillset?

  9. Feeling Down on Yourself

    This may not make sense at first, but it’s true. Being content with our status quo can end up making us grumpy. We start feeling like we’re not good enough because we’re not making any progress. It’s like we’re stuck in park, not moving anywhere. It’s more common than we may think. We tend to move into a neighborhood and think that we’ve made it. But we stop looking for ways to earn generational wealth because we’re just happy to be where we are.

  10. Regret and Looking Back

    One day, you might look back and say, “I wish I did more.” Stagnant times can lead to this regret, where you wish you took more chances and did more cool stuff. Better sales leads to better income which can lead to a higher quality life for you and your family. But there is a time for everything, and maybe your time to buckle down is now.

How To Break Free

Alright, so how do we escape this complacency trap? Here are some simple steps:

  • Keep Checking In: Every now and then, ask yourself if you’re making progress or just coasting. If it’s the latter, it’s time to get moving! Set reminders in your calendar.
  • Try New Stuff: Even if it’s a little scary, trying something new can be exciting. It’s adding spices to your usual meal – it makes life more interesting.
  • Learn a Little Every Day: You don’t have to learn everything in one go. Just read a bit, watch something new, or talk to someone who knows things you don’t. Especially mentors.
  • Cheer on Others: When you see someone else doing cool stuff, let it inspire you. It’s like having a buddy in the race – you’ll want to run alongside them.
  • Daydream and Imagine: Let your mind wander and think of wild ideas. It’s like brain food, and it can help you come up with new solutions to get out of a rut.
  • Stay Strong and Get Back Up: Life will knock you around, but remember, you’re tougher than you think. Get back up and keep going – it’s how champions are made.
  • Set Little Challenges: Push yourself a bit every day. It’s like putting a little more weight on the barbell – you’ll get stronger over time.
  • Give Yourself Credit: Even small steps forward are worth celebrating. It’s like getting a high-five from yourself – you deserve it!

Being comfy might feel good for a while, but it can slow you down from getting where you want to go. Remember, life’s an adventure, and to really enjoy it, you’ve got to step out of your comfy zone. It’s time to take some risks, and see where the journey takes us! Resist becoming content. That’s dangerous to the dreamer you used to be.