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About Weldon Long

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, contracting business expert, and mindset expert Weldon Long built his business from the ground up, but his story doesn’t reflect the typical path of the average business owner you would expect to hear.

In 2003, Weldon walked out of a homeless shelter after serving 13 years in prison. A 9th grade dropout and three-time convicted felon, he found himself broke and unable to gain employment. Despite his bleak history, in five short years he had built a contracting company that was selected by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America.

Weldon Long is the author of several best selling books including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Power of Consistency. He is a successful entrepreneur, professional speaker and a contracting business expert. He has written articles for numerous business magazines including Inc magazine, Entrepreneur magazine and The Harvard Business Review and has appeared on several national news and business programs.

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Weldon has worked with leading global brands on hundreds of PROSPERITY MINDSET, SALES AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, and custom keynotes and programs. Weldon’s powerful message and motivating system will transform the way your people engage, commit and take action on behalf of your company, resulting in a major impact on your bottom line.

Achieving greatness in the face of adversity requires creating a Personal Prosperity Mindset that is designed to thrive in the face of adversity and succeed in the face of any challenge. Let’s face it, every individual and every organization faces difficulties. The key to greatness is learning to prosper in the face of those difficulties.

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