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Transformational sales results require excellence in three critical areas:

Get your MIND  right
Get your 
SALES right
Get your 




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the 3 keys to Transformational sales results

Many sales training systems only give you one of the three components - the sales process. While the sales process is a critical part of sales success, you're not consistently experiencing your full potential because you only have PART OF the puzzle! It's impossible to put your sales success puzzle together but NOW YOU CAN with ALL these right pieces!

Get your MIND right

Getting your MIND right means creating a Personal Prosperity Mindset that is designed to thrive in the face of adversity AND succeed in the face of any challenge. Let’s face it, succeeding in sales is about being able to prosper in the face of prospects who want to get a cheaper price, want to “think about it” and want to get competitive offers. When you have the Prosperity Mindset, you will proactively eliminate those objections. You will have the keys to the kingdom of wealth and success.

The Prosperity Mindset Training is based on Weldon Long’s New York Times Bestseller, The Power of Consistency - Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals. This is the exact program Mr. Long used to create a mindset which helped him transcend 25 years of poverty and hopelessness and create a life of wealth and prosperity.

In this program you will learn how to:

Get FOCUSED on what you want and what you must do TODAY to create your ideal life and business

Identify destructive “Junk in the Trunk” that will undermine your professional and personal success

Create a Prosperity Plan to reference daily and get EMOTIONALLY COMMITTED to your ideal life and business

On a daily basis, take CONSISTENT ACTION towards your financial and personal goals

Understand that your life and business results are a reflection of “seemingly inconsequential” decisions you are making on a daily basis

Stop blaming external factors and take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your results in life and business

Get your SALES right

Getting your SALES right is about using a sales PROCESS to produce consistent sales results. Consistent sales results come from consistent sales activities.  Random sales results come from random sales activities. It’s not rocket science.

This program is based on Weldon’s book, Consistency Selling - Powerful Sales Results. Every Lead. Every Time. This is the EXACT sales process Mr. Long created and implemented to go from being broke, homeless and living in a halfway house to building an Inc 5000 sales organization in 60 months… AND NOW YOU HAVE ACCESS TO IT!

In this program you will learn how to:

Follow the R.I.S.C. sales process, which is based on “High Service” - not high pressure - and builds a “wall of evidence” proving that YOU are the best option for your prospect(s)

Understand the consistency principle that states “public declarations dictate future actions”

Leverage the consistency principle to proactively address objections BEFORE the prospect brings them up

Use Weldon’s “Sales Hallway” model on a consistent basis to eliminate hearing “I need multiple proposals”, “I need a cheaper price” and “I need to think about it”, while bringing the sale to a conclusion.

Use the 3 MOST POWERFUL WORDS in sales - “Earlier you said”

Use the 4 MOST IMPORTANT WORDS in sales - “Will you trust me?”


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Get your CONSISTENCY right

Getting your CONSISTENCY right is about THINKING the right things and DOING the right things on EVERY sales call to generate consistent sales results. The reality is, if you think the right things and do the right things on a consistent basis, YOU WILL CREATE THE RIGHT THINGS. You can’t do the right things in sales and accidentally create the wrong results.

Consistently thinking and doing the right things in sales is the result of 3 STEPS designed to help YOU remain focused on the MINDSET AND SALES PROCESS on a consistent basis:

Watch weekly episodes of Weldon Long LIVE! This is a 30-minute LIVE weekly broadcast dedicated to helping sales professionals implement the right mindset and right sales process on a consistent basis. Motivation and training are like eating. You’ve got to do it on an ongoing basis. This program supports the ongoing implementation of Consistency Selling.

Participate in the Consistency Selling weekly national sales call! This weekly meeting is an open forum phone call hosted by Weldon Long!  During the call, YOU will gain DIRECT ACCESS TO WELDON LONG for face-to-face coaching, questions and role playing of any sales scenario you may face.

Attend Consistency Selling LIVE! This three-day life and business transforming event is available EXCLUSIVELY to members of this Consistency Selling Program.  You will be joining Weldon AND everal mindset and sales luminaries to learn how to PERMANENTLY TRANSFORM your life and business.  You will learn how to PERMANENTLY TRANSFORM your life and business.  You will be challenged to identify the limiting beliefs that are undermining your success and learn EFFECTIVE strategies to achieve new levels of prosperity in your life and business.

The combination of getting your MIND right, getting your SALES right AND getting your CONSISTENCY right will PROPEL YOU (and your team) TO NEW LEVELS OF WEALTH AND SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS!



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Transformational sales results require excellence in three critical areas:

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