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Why Sales Training Does Not Work

September 20, 2018
Why Sales Training Does Not Work
‘My sales numbers aren’t where they need to be!’
‘I can’t get my team to be consistent with their results!’
‘Some months I have extra cash flow while other months I struggle to pay the mortgage!’


If this sounds like you, then I want you to know – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Having worked with sales teams from many companies including FedEx, Farmers Insurance, Comcast, Home Depot, etc., I’ve learned the common problems with sales processes that keeps most from experiencing consistent sales results. Let me share what I’ve found!

Personal Prosperity Mindset —– Sales Process —- Consistency Philosophy

There are 3 crucial pieces to sales success:  (1) the right Mindset, (2) the right Sales Process and (3) Consistency.

The problem is, most organizations have a sales process – but that’s it!  I like to think of it like a puzzle. With missing pieces, there’s NO WAY you can put a puzzle together. Without the two missing components I’ll discuss, there’s NO WAY you can experience consistent sales results!

I am not going to talk about the Sales Process – I’m sure you have a Sales Process in place. That is a conversation for another day.  Very few organizations have the Prosperity Mindset or Consistency Philosophy needed to hold together the sales process.

Let’s dive into the missing pieces…

Personal Prosperity Mindset – In short, you MUST identify what the junk is in your trunk.  It’s holding you back because your thoughts challenge your emotions, actions and ultimately your results.  You may not even realize the power of words that came from someone when you were a young child or even words from an old boss.  Most often, salespeople focus on the result and that’s why their game is being lost!

You can learn much more in my New York Times Bestselling Book, The Power of Consistency — but as I promised, here are two exercises that will immediately shift your thoughts (and ultimately your sales results):

1. Identify what’s in your box (Junk in the Trunk)

List up to 5 of your sales goals as it pertains to income, sales numbers, rank, etc.

2. Now, list 2 thoughts you have about money and 2 thoughts you have about sales.

Let me ask you, does what you feel about money and sales (2) align with your sales goals (1)?!  BINGO!!  There’s some of the junk in your trunk!  It’s now YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to identify, throw out, and replace with THOUGHTS (prosperity mindset) aligned with your goals.

The Consistency Principles – In short, random sales activities produce random results.  Consistent sales activities produce consistent sales results.  Are you winging it?  Are you (or your team) following the same process with every prospect or sometimes doing this, sometimes doing that?  Are you prepared for your industry objections and handling them head-on with EVERY prospect, or just winging it and/or hoping the prospect never brings them up?

Like the above, I have a new book you’re welcome to reference for more insight, Consistency Selling — but let’s get started on two exercises that will help immediately get you on your way to CONSISTENT SALES RESULTS.

1. You MUST address objections before the ‘close’ (which I refer to as ‘conclusion’).  That’s right, BEFORE the close!  We were taught to avoid or address objections when and only when the prospect brings them up which is usually at the most stressful and defensive time of the sales process – at the end!  In my Sales Hallway teachings, I go in more depth of how to handle each objection and CLOSE the door on each, but for exercise purposes here, list two common objections you receive in your industry.

2. Now, under each objection, what words and third-party verification tool can you use to help close this door in the hallway BEFORE you bring the sale to a conclusion (end of the hallway)?  Keep in mind, take note of their response so if these objections comes up at the end, you can use the 3 most powerful words in sales, ‘Earlier you said’ and bring the sale to a conclusion!

Ready for more? I built a comprehensive sales and mindset development system designed to help sales professionals like you learn how to generate Consistent Sales Results.  Learn more by connecting with our team TODAY.
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