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You’re On Your Way to Success, Now What?

December 22, 2022
You’re On Your Way to Success, Now What?

There will come a time when your career will be on auto-pilot. That is, if you’ve developed the Power of Consistency principles in your life. That does not mean your career will necessarily become easier, because we often move the goalposts when things start going the right way. We see proof of a working system in place, and when we reach certain milestones, we set new ones that are usually bigger and better.

When you find yourself in this place where your system is working, what is left but to keep striving for more? A lot, actually. Sometimes we pay a price for hard work and “putting our nose to the grindstone.” We may have put off vacations, family time, and contributions to others. It’s easy to convince ourselves that if we invest more time and effort NOW, it will pay off and then we can get back to those “other” priorities.

As Admiral Ackbar famously said, “It’s a trap.” The success only means something if you have balance in your life and if you are working toward a legacy. What will you mean to others? Who will benefit from your life’s work? What will be said about you when you’ve gone?

You have more control over how you affect others in your life than you may know. We all had people we looked up to when we were younger. What if you’re now that person to someone else? Whether we think about it or not, someone wants our time, our attention, our feedback and opinions. And what if we don’t live up to their expectations of us? What if we forget to stop and consider that we cross the minds of more people than we might think?

Regret is bigger than a 6-letter word

The person I looked up to ended up passing away while I was in a federal detention center. He lay in the hospital taking his last breath while I was 1600 miles away, having no freedom to be there for him or for my family. My legacy to him was that I had always been a criminal, and for all he knew, would always be one. You see, the people you leave behind know nothing of how you might change later in life. Your legacy is burned into their memory, and maybe memory is all we get to take with us in the end. At least, that’s what I believe.

I spent the next several weeks reflecting on regret and how to avoid it at all costs. From that point forward. And my 3-year-old son Hunter was going to get from me everything he should get from a father, from a good father. And it would be years until I would be able to see him, as I still had time to serve. But I promised myself. And I came up with a system to get the wheels in motion. A system to crawl out of the space I was in, take accountability, and better myself every chance I got. I finally wanted to leave a respectable legacy behind. I cared what the people I loved would say after I pass.

I believe the day you take charge of your legacy, your life will change too. It will transform the way you spend your time, your money, your energy. Will someone else benefit from your actions and your contributions? Will you be proud of the person you’ve become once you realize we don’t get time back, we can’t take the money with us, and unspent energy isn’t saved into some bank?

Becoming a better salesperson, or for that matter chef or mechanic, serves the role of affording you more to give back to those who matter the most to you. If you became more efficient at what you do, what would that look like? Would you remember your promise to take vacations and spend more time with the family? It could certainly be a step in the right direction.

Pick up Power of Consistency to help you learn how to do the things you need to do to realize wealth and success in your sales and business career. There’s no need to trial and error any longer, as that had been the story of my life until the moment I understood my legacy had to change.

I hope we can all take time to reflect on gratitude for the breaths we’re given. Striving for goals is one thing, but living with purpose is something altogether different.