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Five Steps to Stay Consistently Focused on Your Business and Life Success

August 11, 2022
Five Steps to Stay Consistently Focused on Your Business and Life Success

“What we focus on is what we create.” — Weldon Long

The Power of Consistency is not just a fancy title designed to sell a book: it’s a tool that I have used to turn my life and my business into the success I have today.

But why should you care? Because I’m going to share one of my many Consistency tools with you to get you started on your own path to success. I can’t share everything from The Power of Consistency in this post, so consider this a beginning – start here, and when you see how this path leads to growth and success, go pick up the book to get the rest of the process.

Consistency in personal and professional life breaks down into five core elements, and these are things that anyone can do. Whether you’re in Sales, Marketing, Management, or even an Entrepreneur in your own business venture, you can do these right now!

  1. First Create a Prosperity Plan

    You don’t need to create a whole book here, unless that’s your thing! Remember, Consistency is the goal here.
    This can be as simple as a list of your personal goals – like owning your own home or buying a boat – and/or your professional goals – maybe you want to become the number 1 Salesperson at your job or lock in the most HVAC repair contracts. The point is that you need to start thinking ahead to what you want.

  2. Rewrite your goals as if you’ve already achieved them

    Part of achieving a goal is being able to clearly conceptualize it – make sure you can see it in your mind. This step is very important – and don’t do this on a computer if you can help it. Write it down! Use a pen – take control of your goals.

    Instead of “I want to own my own home,” you want to write “I own my own home.” It’s not “I want to buy a boat,” it’s “I own a boat.”

    “I am the number 1 Salesperson at my job” hits different from “I want to be the best.”

    At this point, you need to realize that you are locking in a real, tangible, achievable goal. Let’s see what’s next.

  3. Add a couple of action steps under each of your goals

    I can’t tell you how you’re going to bring each of these goals into fruition because they’re your goals – that means you need to start thinking about how you’re going to achieve them.

    All you need is one or two actionable steps for each goal you set for yourself – be realistic, but push yourself outside of your comfort zone a bit.

    For example, if you want to own your own home, you could write down “Save an extra 10% of my paycheck in a down payment account every month” or “Look at two home listings each week for potential purchase”.

  4. Repeat each goal out loud daily in a Quiet Time Ritual

    This is about Consistency, remember? That means you need to be consistent! Every day, set aside some time, during your workout, during your commute to work, or while walking your dog to remind yourself of your goals.

    It takes more than just making a list to get things done – you have to keep them in your focus, in your vision, and remind yourself what you’re striving for.

  5. Visualize yourself achieving your goals – Consistently

    Once again, this is about desire and drive – if you truly want to achieve this goal, you need to see yourself achieving them. Remember the second step where you rewrote your goals? Don’t just see the words – picture the end result.

    Can you see yourself cruising around the lake in your new boat? Can you see yourself getting the Salesperson of the year award from your company? This is your future – and you can achieve it.

Look at that – five steps:

  1. Create a Prosperity Plan
  2. Rewrite your goals as if you’ve already achieved them
  3. Add some action steps for each goal
  4. Repeat each goal out loud in a daily Quiet Time Ritual
  5. Consistently visualize yourself achieving your goals daily

These steps are only a small part of the entire plan to be successful through consistency, but they’re a good place to start. I know that once you try applying these strategies in your daily life you’ll want to know more about the rest of the tools I can help you unlock. When you’re ready, you can purchase The Power of Consistency and help yourself bring your goals and visions of success to life.