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Give Thanks Freely And Often

November 25, 2022
Give Thanks Freely And Often

Remember that time that your sales person had a fantastic day? Did you ever thank them for their hard work?

Thanking your employees and customers should be a regular part of your transactions with them. And it should be sincere. Your business can’t do what it does without your team, and your customers are trusting you to help them not only by going to your business, but also by giving you their money.

There’s this restaurant I go to fairly regularly, and one of the things that always strikes me as I walk out the door is how sincere the owner is in thanking me for visiting them and giving them my business. The food is good, of course, but I enjoy going there also because I know the owner appreciates me as a customer.

Their staff is always smiling and friendly, and they always do their best to make sure I have the best experience possible. That staff wouldn’t be so friendly and smiling if they weren’t being told how great of a job they were doing as well. That culture matters!

Thanking Customers

Every time you interact with a customer, it’s important to let them know that their patronage is valued and appreciated. A simple “Thank you!” and a smile is often enough for most interactions. But that doesn’t have to be the end of it.

For example, I know several dentists and doctors who send out birthday cards to their patients. They don’t try to advertise to them, they just genuinely wish them a happy birthday. Even though their next visit might be months away, those patients feel like they matter to those doctors. And it lets them know they’re worth the time and investment to send happy birthday wishes to.

You should make sure that your business has ways to thank customers with genuine thanks, but also provide them with reminders that you value them throughout the year. There’s no need to send a sales pitch or an advertisement to them all the time – just letting them know that they are on your mind, and that you want to thank them for visiting you can go a long way toward building positive relationships and lifelong customers.

Thanking Employees

Let’s face it – your employees are what make your vision work and keep not only them making money, but you and your business as well.

Employees know that they work hard, and they know that they are valuable to your company, but that doesn’t mean you should forget to thank them personally once in a while.

You can thank them when they have a great day at work, when they go above and beyond, or even just for coming to work with a smile on their face every day. Positivity and respect go a long way toward retaining those amazing workers who you want to keep around.

There are a lot of ways to thank employees, but make sure that they feel genuinely appreciated. I know a lot of start-ups and business owners that do things like buy lunch for the employees once a month or do team-building activities. Those are great, but they often miss the mark.

Are you going around and thanking individuals for specific things they have actually done? Are you letting them know that not only are they valued, but seen and recognized for their contributions?

If you build that culture of positivity from the top down, you will see your employees be happier, work harder, and build your business to even greater success.

Thanks To All Of You

I know many of you have taken my online courses or seen me speak or read my books, and I know I have thanked almost all of you in some way, but I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping me achieve my goals in life, overcome my past, and continue to help others find opportunities to build their own successes.

I appreciate you, and I acknowledge that without all of you, I couldn’t do what I do today. So thank you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!