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The Perfect Combo

May 25, 2023
The Perfect Combo

My current life and success is only possible because of 3 things: my failures in the past, my faith that I could make changes to overcome those failures, and my thought processes that actually made it happen. Let’s look at the big picture and some of the formulas behind them.

The 30,000 Foot View

When I mention the prosperity mindset, I’m specifically talking about the mindset that has been developed to prosper in the face of adversity and challenges.

And the prosperity mindset is not something that you’re just blessed with having or cursed with not having. The prosperity mindset is a skill, a talent that you can develop like anything else. As a matter of fact, it’s a very simple process. We all know that there’s a relationship between the highest performers and their attitude. Where they work is of little consequence because they will thrive in any setting.

Think about the highest performers in depth. Do they tend to be very negative, down, miserable people? No. They tend to have great attitudes. We know instinctively there’s a relationship between the attitude and the results.

Then you take the lowest performers. Don’t they tend to be more of a mindset of blaming and complaining, negative pessimists, that type of thing? In my experience, it’s an overwhelming Yes.

We know instinctively there’s a relationship between our attitude, between our mindset and our sales results. The mindset I mean is this – that I will thrive in the face of any challenge without regard to the weather, without regard to the economy, without regard to anything outside of me, that this is about my faith that I’m going to be successful. When we have that mindset, we have the keys to the kingdom.

To What End?

What can we accomplish with the right mindset? I wrote a book a couple of years ago that you may have read — The Power of Consistency. It’s all about creating that mindset. There are specific instructions on exactly how you can create the mindset too. Again, some people think that people are just born with the right mindset. They’re just blessed with it. Just gifted with this great optimistic attitude and they don’t get wet when it rains. It’s not true. The mindset is developed. It is a skill, just like a sales skill, just like cooking, just like anything. You have the ability to develop the skill of having the right mindset. You may have been shaped sometime in your life by someone who had that mindset and it may have rubbed off on you.

But where will you apply that mindset? Life in general is a good place to start, but we’re mostly here on business and having measured success with this mindset goes hand in hand with a consistent sales process. They are akin in many ways. A consistent sales process is absolutely necessary for success on its own, and so is a prosperity mindset. But combine the two to become unstoppable.

Consistent sales activities produce consistent sales results. It’s not rocket science, right? Random sales activities produce random sales results. Again, nothing new there. Are you in charge of your sales process? Do you have any say in its development? If so, are you up to date on sales trends and data? Do you ensure your team is consistent in their processes?

No Happy Accidents

So if our sales results appear random, in other words, some months are really good and some months are really bad, then they are not coming from consistent sales activities. They’re coming from random sales activities. That’s just how it is. So we have to have a consistent sales process if we want to have consistent sales results. It’s impossible to produce consistent, reliable sales results with a random sales process.

My point is you can’t just look at sales results and decide whether or not we’re doing a good job. We’ve got to look at our process. How good am I in the process? That’s the key. You’ve got to have a process in the first place though. I wrote a book about this as well called Consistency Selling which talks about sales processes and principles. When you combine the prosperity mindset with the consistent sales process, success is a matter of when, not if.

You cannot think the right things and do the right things and accidentally produce the wrong results. It simply doesn’t work that way. You cannot think the wrong things and do the wrong things and accidentally produce the right results consistently either.

Take a deeper dive into Prosperity Mindset, The Power of Consistency, and Consistency Selling. There are dozens of references and teachings throughout the blog section and within my Profit Paradigm Training Program. Let me know how it worked for you.